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Meaningful Insights: a virtual Conversation on Impact

"Impact through investing, philanthropy and corporate responsibility"

June 28th 2022

12:00 - 13:00 CET

Patrick Elmer - Founder & CEO of Igravity
Michael D. Colson -  Program Director at the Edmond J. Safra Foundation and Scholar-in-Residence at PVM Studio
Rebecca Berlinguer - Co-Founder 
B E L I E V E .

Natascha Lander - Co-Founder B E L I E V E .


B E L I E V E . exclusive virtual discussion
"Post-Cop26 - What now?"
December 8th 2021 

Speakers :
Lubomila Jordanova - Co-Founder & CEO Plan A
Nicole Rycroft - Founder & Executive Director Canopy Planet 
Julian Richardson - Founder & CEO Parhelion

Peter E. Brown - Founder & CEO Phenogy 

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Friday, 16th December, 2021

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Monday, 20th December, 2021

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Wednesday, 22nd December, 2021

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Focus on Net-zero

Our planet has already warmed by 1.2 degrees and the last 5 years were the warmest on record. Extreme climate events are becoming common place and we are seeing the impact across the world. This will only intensify without decisive action.  According to science we are on track for a warming of around 2.4%.  
The science tell us that this will lead to a massive increase in severe weather events - more frequent and more intense, and immense social impact. Stabilising the worlds climate requires strong, rapid and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and this can only be achieved with decisive action. Governments and companies around the world need to delver on the promised being made. We need a decrease in emissions of 7% each year until 2030.  

This year’s COP put the private sector at the centre of the agenda, acknowledging the essential role that business has to play.  Business is a critical part of the climate solution. At BELIEVE. We drive change by supporting businesses' transition to a more sustainable future. We are focused on aligning sustainability with long term business goals, engaging employees to unleash workforce potential and supporting companies to position themselves for the future. 

 Global Finance Alliance for Net Zero:

This year’s COP places private sector at the centre of the agenda, acknowledging the essential role that business has to play. We see the finance sector as a critical enabler to decarbonisation of the global economy.

Mark Carney confirmed that via the GFANZ (Global Finance Alliance for net zero), $130 trillion of capital is committed to aligning portfolios and the balance sheet of financial institutions to net zero – promising commitment, engagement, investment and net-zero alignment under the GFANZ. GFANZ’s goal is to accelerate the investment needed to reach the 1.5 degrees target and to transform a net zero economy. 

But these commitments need action. 

The GFANZ signatories span across the financial services sector and commit to: 
• Use science-based guidelines to reach net-zero emissions across all emissions scopes by 2050.
• Set 2030 interim targets that represent a fair share of the 50% decarbonisation required by the end of the decade.
• Set and publish a net-zero transition strategy. 
• Commit to transparent reporting and accounting on progress against those targets. 
• Adhere to strict restrictions on use of offsets. 

This means firstly, that financial institutions need to implement the right measurement and monitoring processes across their portfolios to enable them to assess performance against these commitments. They need to be able to consistently and accurately monitor the carbon intensity of investment portfolios and balance sheet, and set realistic and actionable targets. But more importantly, it means that those seeking capital, need also to commit to and ultimately reach net-zero!

We work with companies both in and out of the financial sector to understand what this means for their business and to build a strategy aligned to these commitments. To build credible and achievable targets and to identify the solutions needs to achieve them.

Introducing BELIEVE.

We BELIEVE. in a world where nature and society co-exist in harmony and thrive together. Our mission is to drive change by supporting businesses transition to a more sustainable future.We support organisations to align their sustainability strategy with their long term business goals.  To embed sustainability across their organisation and engage employees to unleash their workforce potential.

Why? Because we BELIEVE. in the future. Companies with the right sustainability strategy are better placed to face the future; to identify opportunity, access finance, attract the best talents and deliver on their purpose. And we BELIEVE. that businesses have a crucial role in investing in this future to make it brighter for generations to come.