Our mission.

We believe that business has a vital role to play in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We support organisations to identify and achieve their sustainability goals and to thrive whilst doing so.



We founded BELIEVE. driven by a passion to make a difference and we demonstrate that passion in all that we do. Through our passion we aim to empower and inspire others to do the same.


We are committed to working together to overcome challenges and create a brighter future together.



We BELIEVE. in building and nurturing long term partnerships. Partnerships are critical to achieve positive, solutions-driven, transformative approaches.

Organisations need to live and breathe their sustainability strategy by empowering employees and delivering on their promises. We are committed to our mission.



We BELIEVE. and pride ourselves in providing the highest quality in our services.

Trust and transparency is central to everything we do and how we conduct business.

Our advisory board

Claudia Robayo-Challand 
Legal Counsel & 
Insurance Expert
Edith Aldewereld
Co-Founder WISF 
Partner Sonnenberg WM
Nicole Rycroft
Founder & Executive Director 
 Canopy Planet
Kirsten Parker
Managing Director
UBS Investment Bank 
Our Advisory Board

"Only by working together can we create solutions to the most vexing problems we face." 

- Carter Roberts, 

How we walk the talk

Net Zero 

BELIEVE. is committed to net zero. We implement policies to minimise the emissions as a result of our activities and we offset the unavoidable emissions of our business.


Corporate social responsibility is at the core of what we do. We adhere to a detailed CSR policy that encompasses all elements of our business activities.

Philanthropic pledge 

We pledge 5% of our profits to The Rocket Foundation portfolio.
The Rocket Foundation is focused on enabling social enterprise to scale and grow. They support underserved communities and individuals whilst protecting the environment for future generations. 

The Rocket Foundation

Rebecca, Natascha and the BELIEVE. team are actively involved in The Rocket Foundation, working closely with a portfolio of outstanding social enterprises - providing coaching mentoring and support to multiply their positive impact creation.